Learn why Stockton is a smart choice when it comes to paying for college.

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Yeah, you deserve an excellent education without the burden of unreasonable debt.

Why invest in a Stockton degree?

We understand a college degree is a major financial investment for any student or family. Here are some reasons why a Stockton degree is worth the cost:

  • Stockton is committed to providing all of its students with a top-quality education at an affordable cost.
  • Stockton University is among the top 10 Public Regional Universities in the North according to the U.S. News and World Report 2018 “America’s Best Colleges.”
  • Stockton University believes that money should not be an obstacle to quality education. We are here to serve and counsel you regarding your financial aid options.

Stockton financial aid at-a-glance

Incoming Freshmen who receive a Stockton Scholarship: 45%
Total Stockton Scholarships awarded per year: $12.8 million
Total percentage of students receiving aid: 86%
Average financial aid package per student: $14,890
Average debt for a graduating Stockton student: $23,888

Take all the courses you want for a flat fee.

Whether you take three courses per semester or five, your tuition will remain the same. Our tuition is a flat fee for 12 to 20 credits per semester. This gives you the freedom to pursue your degree at the pace that fits you best. You can also consider a minor, a double major or a few fun electives without worrying about extra costs.

Undergraduate summer courses are discounted.

We can help make Stockton affordable for the whole family.

Give us a call to work out your family’s plan for paying for college.